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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I can understand his 'don't ask me' approach. I'm selling all kinds of take offs, and old car parts and new car parts/etc from my storage unit here to make room for other stuff. Its been collecting dust/etc.. I post the stuff on craigslist "Brand new OEM x5 Floor Mats $25, pick them up now" .. obviously brand new x5 floor mats that retail at like $150 for $25.. you'd think people would be there in 15 minutes.. nope.. you get 15 stupid tire kickers asking for pictures, asking for measurements, asking if they'll fit in an x3.. saying they'll be there, but never show up.. etc.. its anoying.. I price the stuff at $25 bucks because I want it gone not because I want to make a buck.. and I feel thats where Chad is with this car right now. He has other priorities.. and lets face it.. $65k for a car thats pretty much brand new.. and as he put it.. never been featured/exploited.. is a pretty good deal. Yes its forum famous but there's still a chance the new owner can wrap it up and it will be theres as opposed to say buying my car which for the rest of your life would be known as "Was that Marcus's car" .. etc.
thats why you take marcus'car and paint a big ass pink racing stripe down the middle and make it YOUR car
the whole selling point of un-featured/exploited is a foreign concept to me.
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