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What it comes down to is that $65k is still an azzload of money for an e46 m3, no matter what has been done to it....(not to mention that this car is a vert and is basically not attractive). But the point being that when you are asking top dollar for something, you take the extra time to post a thorough fs ad. It isn't hard. Post up pictures and a detailed description and get ready for the tire kickers because no matter what, you are going to have tire kickers. There is just a tiny tiny market of people willing to shell out $65k for a flour green early 2000's bmw convertible (and honestly they most likely aren't shopping through the bfc classifieds) so work is going to have to be put in to make that sale happen. If that was my car, I would slap it on Dupont or put it on sw's car lot and let a professional sell it and take whatever I could get.
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