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Sort of, although I've read the whole thread I havent gone thru the strenuous amount of work and fiddling that you have. For the last week or so my battery has had difficulty starting. I've completely ruled out the alternater since I'm getting a healthy 14.1 while the car is on but if I leave the car sitting for a few hour or listen to the radio with the car off it won't start at all or ill get a couple clicks from the starter and then it'll turn over and start. I've cleaned all my grounds and have checked the connections on the alternator they seem to be just fine. I've checked the the connections on the battery also and they have no corrosion of any kind mind you I'm still on the OE battery. The battery might be the cause of my problem although honestly other than checking the terminals on it I haven't checked the battery itself (is there any way I could do this muself?). Lastly my fsr has acted up last few months, I don't have the sporadic speeds that usually seems to be the issue but I sometimes when I turn on the fan it won't blow at all. After maybe half an hour of driving it'll come on to whatever speed setting its on. I'm gonna start by replacing the battery and the fsr and go from there because Ive had to park my car on hills all week due to this issue( pop clutch to start) although o can't thank you enough for the time and effort you've spent updating the thread it gives me a differeent perspective to look at things. Hope you resolve your issue soon enough.
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