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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
Under drive pulley kits can replace all but crank but they are all kinda useless. And i found nothing i wanted that was as fast and handling and nice interior and build quality for same price. Only thing is ford mustang and def not my bag. Buddy bought 2012 gt/cs and he ran 13.2 quarter, i ran 13.56. And his car is saggy feeling and trans leaking, misfire warranty dealer cant figure out etc. and that car will cost him $48000 i like my $25000 bmw
Lol, for $25k you can pick up last years WRX (not even STi) which runs a 13.2 if you're into drag racing. Plus for what it costs for a cat back on an M3 you can get the WRX up over 350HP easy enough and be running mid 12's. If German build quality is what you're looking for, there are several Audi's and VW's that are less money that use forced induction and can easily be tuned for much higher HP.

I like my M3 because of the unique style and the feel it has, you will not catch me trying to drag race it against any of the tuner cars.

Not into drag racing? The following cars are faster than the e46 M3 on the Top Gear Test track and in the same ballpark for price.

Audi TT
Focus RS500
WRX/STi 2007
Lancer Evo III (The 300HP one not the FQ400)
WRX/STi 2008
370Z (the 350Z had the same exact time, as well as the RX-8)
Focus RS
Boxter S
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