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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
who cares.

buy $2 worth of stuff cheapie.

some places are $5 or $10.

The reason why is because in addition to getting charged 1%-5% of the total, they also get charged a PER TRANSACTION FEE. Some of these are as high as $1.

So imagine if you owned a store that pays $10k per month in rent and $10k in payroll, and some clown wants to buy a bottle of water for $1.15 that costs you $1.75 to buy and process.

Your operation costs are not my problem. I will report every last merchant that does this. If I want a $1.15 bottle of water I shouldn't have to buy $3 of crap.

Visa clearly states that they are not allowed to do this on debit, ONLY credit cards.

It's so funny bringing this up and then telling the merchant you work for Visa and they can't do it.

It's awesome.

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Wow, was his name really Haji or are you just being a racist asshat?
Might of been Apu or something.

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