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Think about how much a good set of coilovers are, way more than a roll center correction kit and they get easily destroyed.

I think the issue with selling roll center kit is because they don't offer a huge performance gain like other parts would for the same money (ie; 1500$ roll center kit, vs 1500$ with of NT01 Tires and rims).

The buyer will always lean to getting the best bang for buck. After their suspension is pretty much all taken care of with poly bushings and adjustable arms, a roll center kit should follow, right? Right if you want to do it right,
Wrong if you take the roll center kit fund and sink it into a Dynavin or equivalent waste of money.

A suspension system is a system and not individual components. Every single part of the suspension works in harmony to produce a desired, precise steering control, comfort and stability over un even roads and so on.

If you have a complete system and chose to not invest in a roll center correction kit for the lower tables and tie rods, congrats on wasting all that cash on parts you will never use to their fullest. Not to mention, enjoy the dangerous bump steer, binding ball joints and other lovely problems you created by not seeing the suspension mods to the end.

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