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This pizza place around me use to sell the only vanilla coke in town for $1.50. Usually I would just go to get the coke and the teenaged girl who would always be working never gave me any problems for using my credit card.

One time I went and the greasy guido owner was present, she rang me up and swiped my card and he started yelling at her and calling her all sorts of things because she is "ruining" his business, I opted to not buy the coke and I left, I didn't like the way he was talking to her and rather have a $1.50 charge on my card rather than the girl get in trouble because of such a small stupid thing. He told me it costs him $3 if someone pays with credit card for an item that is under $2.

I went again maybe a month later this time and I bought two slices of pizza and the coke and paid using credit card as it was $6 ($5 and up credit card is ok), he saw her swipe my card and came out and started cursing at her for being a "dumb slut" who does not know the "store policy" and she should be thankful she has a job and the only reason he hired her was because she has "good looks". Mind you...he was saying this in front of his own little kids, anyway the girl was very upset, my uncle has a pharmacy near by who needed some pharmacy clerks so I offered her a job and she quit the pizza place that day.

I never went again and told all my family friends to never spend $.01 at the place. After the girl quit a few other girls that worked as waitresses quit, slowly it began to crumble, before summer hit it went out of business. I see the guy time to time at the pharmacy and always ask him how his pizza place is going LOL!

---Back on topic---

Any "small" store or gas station that pulls this kind of crap does not get my business. Around here some gas stations charge 15-20 cents extra for gas if you pay using credit, I simply leave and never come back, same with drinks, if I am buying a $1.50 drink and you want me to pay in cash or buy $3 of stuff I will never come back.

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