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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
No, you are not right.

Using a Visa card is a privilege not a right.

Being able to buy bottled water on any street corner is a privilege, not a right.

You are not right. The merchant controls the environment.

You can decide whether or not you chose to support than environment.

I would have told you to hit the bricks.

You are absolutely ridiculous.
IMO... if you are using a bank's services for your business, you do not have the right to tell a customer how much to spend.

If you have to eat a transaction fee, that is a business expense you should be willing/expecting to pay. Deceiving the customer and telling them they have to spend a limit of $10.00 is not right.

I understand the ones who lose out are small business owners, but shiit like this is what makes me have no problem going to Costco once a month and getting my shiit in bulk so I don't have to run to the bodega/convenience store to pay unit price + up-charge.

That being said, I always carry around at least $50 for small purchases. I feel like a dork when I use a card to pay for anything less than $10.00.

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