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Originally Posted by MurphysLaww View Post
But what a Miata...

500+ HP N/A LS-3

Texas SCCA Solo National tour winner in X-Prepared. (Vs) Nissan GTR's.

Car is what you make of it. I plan on dropping the Stage 1(initially) AA Supercharger in my 99' 328i, dropping some weight, probably put it on Ohlins or AST suspension, 315 Hoosier R-comps and then I'll be playing with GTR's in Street Modified class on a budget under $10k and with a tire change, still be able to daily drive it.

Any car can be super, and in my book, if you are beating supercars, then your car is "Super"

Super clean, super fast and super car performance for sure! But "super car", no. Plain and simple, car is engineered to be a super car from day 1. Sports cars can merely have super car performance, not the title. And I think it deserves mention that a supercar is mass produced (quantities are generally low). A highly modified sports car is generally a one off piece with individual tweaking for suspension and tuning.

Plus, can you guys think of many supercars that don't have sex appeal. M3 is a wonderful car but drop 100k+ in it and it still won't be as sexy as a Mclaren F1 or an Aventador, but it might beat that a** on any type of track.

04 LSB M3
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