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Originally Posted by aretardedorange View Post
Its ok, I know how you feel, take a different route to work/school.

Cops are either losers that were picked on in school or kids that were the school bullies themselves.....after high school they realized they are dumb as sh!t so they join the police department to continue their "bullying". Most local police departments just require 30 credits from any college to sign up. (no talent losers)

I had a traffic cop give me a windshield ticket for having a PBA sticker next to my registration sticker, he also got me for 6 other things. In NY state you are legally allowed to reschedule a court date 3 times so my court date is this week I have a midterm on that day, I go to the court 1 month early to get date changed, they tell me I HAVE TO CALL THE OFFICER. I call officer and he says NO ADJOURNMENTS so either don't show up and get your license suspended or plead guilty. I am not pleading guilty to the bullshit speeding ticket he gave me. I had to plead with my professor to get my midterm changed.

These local cops are a bunch of crooks, having nothing better to do. These local cops are 10x worse than the state cops, at least you need a 4 year college degree to become a state cop.

This same loser low talent pulled over my cousin for having a muffler delete on his 335i and he nabbed him for tint. On the day of his court date, the cop lost because he did not clean his windows before getting the tint reading, and did not properly "check for noise" on the muffler.
JJ would approve this message.

Your story is not adding up, bro.
If the law allows you to reschedule the court day 3 times, you don't need to ask the cops permission. You go to the court and reschedule. Unless you've already exhausted your 3 times. Then it's your fault.
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