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Not a problem at all.
It took me about 3 hours total. Most of the time was waiting for silicone to dry.

I'll post links:

The projectors:

The bulbs:




Capacitor: 4700uf 25V capacitors (radio shack has some)
This you would need if you run projectors. Your lights will flicker and KILL the bulbs if not used.
It's used to smoothen out the electric flow to the ballasts. Takes 5 minutes tops. Here is a good DIY.

The relay isn't NEEDED but highly recommended.
I currently do not have one, and my lights act up on me at times. When I turn them on, I get a bulb out warning. So I must turn the side lights on for a minute, THEN my head lights.

Note* if you call them to make the order, tell them you want to exchange the shrouds that come WITH the projectors, for the E46 ones, and they took off $15.
Also, I asked fi I could get some kind of bundle discount and they did.

You can use any bulbs and ballasts, as long as they're H1 bulbs, and AMP ballasts.

I recommend Morimoto as they're high quality. But if you're on a real budget, DDM tuning would work.
I'm currently running DDM slim ballasts with the XB35 5k bulbs. (works OK)

If you're serious about doing this, make sure you have a few hours. Make sure you take your time.
The retrofit, I followed this thread.

It's well worth the money and time. I can see MUCH better at night now.
I'm patiently waiting to wire up the bi-xenon part.
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