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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
I've been in ATL for 13 months now and love it here.

Things I hate about ATL:

1) Traffic. All the time and its everywhere. It's absolutely insane
2)Their road maint. is retarded as they just put a giant metal plate over the hole rather than fixing it
3)No happy hour
4) Lots of homeless / thugs
5) No NHL team

I love the cost of living, the fact I live in Midtown and can take the train to work, and it being in SEC country. ATL is the blue dot in a red state, and shares the same attitude as Austin. I really like ATL, sans the traffic(which is my mortal sworn enemy)

Every time I was in DC I was amazed with the traffic level, but if you live and work in the district you can live almost car free. It's also really pricey.

Raleigh I just love, LOADS of high paying work in Technology and Healthcare, not much traffic, they have a NHL team, International Airport, and I love the culture there. I was looking at real estate prices in Wake Forest yesterday and how much home you can get for the money reminds me of Texas.

I've always loved Raleigh, I'm just wondering really how you guys thinks it would stack up against DC or ATL. I like some of the inner-city neighborhoods, but they can get really pricey. And Living out in the burbs is a sentence to traffic death.
Night/Social life = DC
Work Life = Raleigh

And +1 on NHL being done
- Alex

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