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Originally Posted by Beamer Creamer View Post
Ok alot is the looks but also the drifting and looks it gets. Also in canada most those cars would be much more coin and i dont trust the stig anymore than youtube street races for accuracy even though its my fav show and i trust alot they say alot of runs are in diff weather conditions and all have diff types of tires. Either way im happy with my m3. I drive it hard on roadcoarse and dragstrip plus the daily and it doesnt have the oil cloud out the rear that alot of the boosted cars get. I'll prob get the rms supercharger or Ess 455 anyway. I mean come on do you really think i want a vw beetle with a body kit( tt)
I absolutely agree with you. As far as not trusting the Stig, I understand that, but typically Top Gear UK favors BMW over anything and there's really no better comparison because it is the same track, same driver, unmodded cars.
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