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Originally Posted by Caden View Post
Okay it was actually just a wear pad sensor that they knocked out. And discounts tire policy will most likely take the two front tires back. I thought that was what someone meant when they said brake sensor. But now I realize they were talking about the ABS sensor. What is a close enough replacement for the fronts to get the DSC from acting up? And if this was the problem would the DSC notice it immediately? And why do you guys think this happened when I've had these sized tires for 6 months and now that they are new and the diameters are even closer due to the tire being new and having more tread is this now a more possible problem?
It could be a number of different things; the new tires could be running lower pressures or have a different carcass structure that would give them a slightly smaller effective diameter than the old ones which would push the dsc over the edge, your alignment could be off making the fronts spin a little faster. But bottom line you are running different diameter tires which is risky. If you want to fix it the right way you can replace the fronts (cheaper since DT will take them back) go for 225/45 or (what I would do) instead go for 255/35 rears. Otherwise you can try to put a band aid on it and hope it doesn't pop up again.

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