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man, so much misinformation in this thread.

#1 I could have told you in the beginning if I happened to see this earlier that the "brake sensor" people were referring to has nothing to do with ABS or DSC, it is just the brake pad wear sensor that indicates when the pads need replacing. Now, there is another ABS speed sensor that is bolted to the back of the brake carrier that almost comes in contact with the rotor or hub I believe. they may have damaged that sensor, which would cause your ABS and DSC lights to come on.

As far as making sure you have the exact same brands front and rear, that's ridiculous. They need to be the proper SIZE, but different brands will not make your ABS and DSC lights come on for any reason.

For example, right now my wife has 2 16" Michelin MXV4 Plus's up front with 2 Continental DWS 16"s in the back. All 4 are same size, but not same brand, and her fronts are worn down much more than her rears as those are older tires.

On my car, I have the staggered ZHP setup and have 2 225/40/18's in front that are Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 110K's and in the rear I have 2 255/35/18 Pirelli PZero Nero's. never had any issues with ABS or DSC lights on the dash with either setup.
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