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Originally Posted by yousharenow View Post
You will accept payment in the form of debit per your merchant agreement, or I will come by, every day, and report you until you play ball.

F that I will to make a point. If you want to participate in the CC/Debit taking business, you will play by the rules.

This is not up for debate. It's in Visa's merchant agreement in black & white lol.

Here is what would happen if your dumb azz started this in my store...

1. I would have you trespassed after your second little outburst.

2. I would have you fired by calling VISA myself and explaining to them why and everyone in my networking circle of store owners is going to quit
.....taking VISA because of their employee harassment from you.

3. I would kick you in the balls.


PS - There is nothing wrong with asking for ID. Ever hear of charge backs?
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