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I'm glad that you got the led to work.

I had a question, would you happen to know if a passive keyless entry system would be possible? If so do you know how to customize one? I'm sure it'll be similar to this but with more add on. I would love to be able to walk up to my door open it and then push button start. They have this kit I want to buy but i dont know if it'll work or how to hook it up.
I think what you are talking about is the RFID keys, right? You most definitely can use that type of system. You would still have to use the 556uw transponder bypass with the second key, but other than that, it would be an install really similar to this. The one I have personally used is one called Advanced KEYS-AK-104B.

It is not a full on alarm, but just a keyless and remote start. To make it a real keyless system, you have to bypass the steering column lock feature on the vehicle, that way you don't ever have to use the key. You can either disable the locking mechanism within the steerng column, which I don't know how difficult it would be in this car, or you can just insert the key and cut it off with ignition in the on position. Of course you would use a key without the transponder pellet.

If you have experience installing alarms, then the install manual would walk you right through it. However, it would be a real challenge if it is your first time doing something like this, not impossible though.

Nice write up man , my 330 has remote start , factory alarm and viper alarm and it's all built into my factory keys
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Thanks! I see that your 330 is an 06. Yeah, that year they dropped the transponder system that we use in the 99-05 e46, so Viper was able to come up with a better and easier to use bypass module. Do you have the smart start? I really like Viper systems myself.
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