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Originally Posted by BoogetyBoogety View Post
On topic: Yes, per Visa and other card issuers and processors, a merchant can set a minimum charge amount on credit, but not debit, cards, with a $10 maximum limit.

You can refuse to shop there.

Another little gem: They are NOT allowed to "see your ID," as their only requirement from the processor is to check to see if the signature on the charge slip matches the signed card. They can refuse to accept the transaction if the card is not signed, or has one of those cutesy "check ID" message written on the signature line. But if they ask you "may I see your ID," just say "no." If they refuse to accept a valid, signed card for a merchandise or service charge on a terminal-swiped card, they are violating their processing agreement, banking laws, and probably even federal privacy laws. No one outside of Homeland Security or a commissioned law-enforcement officer gets to see your ID... especially not a $8-an-hour clerk at some retail store...
Referring to VISA's process agreement with the merchant?

I'm curious if this applies here in Canada as well. There have been a number of times where I've been asked to show ID with a credit card.
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