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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
Can I just add that ABS systems don't use some set logic (on if "this", off if "that") to decide absolutely when to activate. It is a control system with pretty advanced logic and algorithms to measure some parameters and estimate others using the measurements. The math is pretty complex.

Anyway, the OP's problem has to be caused by the different diameter tires. Mango is saying that the brand is doing it, but I doubt that two brands would be off by more than 1-2 rev/mile. I bought my car with 2 brands on it and it behaves fine. I will get 4 new michilens when I can, but for now, the tires work. OP already admitted he has different diameter tires on front and rear axles. The problem lies there or maybe a wheel speed sensor.
no no. I'm not saying the brand IS doing it, I said it's a possibility. OP's description of his problem and his own knowledge of cars in general is vague at best. What I am saying is his particular cocktail of tire brands/sizes/etc seems to be a mess and he needs to do the proper thing which is to buy the correct tires spec'd by the manufacturer of matching brand and model for the BEST RESULTS because I don't give advice on anything else other than HOW TO ACHIEVE BEST RESULTS.

Do not mix and match your tire brand/models even if you CAN.
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