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Originally Posted by Gheybe View Post
Hey, you said it, not me.

But he hasn't changed. Trying to take on a ruckus motor swap because he wants to save money on gas, all of this while driving a 323i manual, which should be economical as fucck.

Maintain your car. Get spark plugs, fuel filter. Clean things out. A 323 should be cheap as hell to drive.
A ruckus is no more than a stripped down moped.
You can't drive it on the interstate. You can't ride with a girl on back. You'll look retarded.
I realistically think a 250 would suit his desires. It'll be fun as anything and be getting 70+ mpg.
A ruckus engine swap is like suping up a vacuum. It's just fvcking stupid and everyone will stop being your friend if they see you wasting your time on it.

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