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You really think disconnecting the blown speakers will stop it from cutting out? If so, I need to get into the door panel and I have no idea where to begin with that one.
It's possible, the fact that fading it helped out some leads me to believe theres a good chance, but not 100%. I found a diagram of the factory amp, it's pretty much the same for HK and non-HK. The only difference in the diagram that I found was that the HK has subwoofer outputs where ours has blank pins.

If you decide that you want to troubleshoot this, I can walk you through it. Do you have a multimeter? If you do and know how to use it even a little, then I can show you many tests that you can conduct that would point us in the right direction as far as determining if it's the amp or a speaker/speakers that is causing the problem. Then once you find out what the real issue is, you can decide on what route to take from there.

Do you have any buddies with an e46 non-hk? A simple and super fast test would be to swap amps with them just to test it out. See if that fixes it, then you know for sure it's the amp itself and not a speaker/speakers or even the power supply to the amp.
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