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Originally Posted by sedanpowersc View Post
Love the car
Thanks sedanpowersc! Its only gonna get better! You've got a nice ride too, i like the trim on your corners, they look like the ones i want to get!
Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
Great color!
Haha Thanks tock172 and you too!
Originally Posted by ///Mostarac View Post
smoked corners looks great with that color. I'll tell ya one thing, the tuv and the gas prices really sick over there lol.
Thanks ///Mostarac! I agree, I'll leave them on until i get those clears i was talking about. The gas prices here are RIDICULOUS, its about $8/gallon for premium. Thankfully though, i have a gas rations card that gives me US prices, about $4.35/gallon for premium on post
Originally Posted by choegatz View Post

Been looking for smoked corners on a facelift E46, haven't seen any lately.

Thanks choegatz! Yea man, check it out!
Originally Posted by Davedoesskids View Post
HAHA over here mate other side of the counrty is a 3 days drive non stop 4000 +kms... Distance from you to The Ring for us is like driving to a family dinner!
That sucks. I've been meaning to check out The Ring but i've been super busy at work lately. One day..
Originally Posted by LA Prince View Post
Clean whip bro

IMO don't change the corners to clear, smoked looks so nice with your gray/black theme veryyy sleek.

Mind you I think you should tint your front driver and passengers windows to match your rear windows for a niceeerr uniformed look,

anyhow good luck !
Thanks LA Prince! Yea i think it goes well with the look I'm going for too, it really complements the black trim nicely. I've been wanting to re-tint my windows too, but as of now i still dont know the German laws on that matter. Furthermore, i cant find a shop with employees that speak friggin English

Originally Posted by BimmersGarage View Post

Thanks BimmersGarage! SCORE! Invite your friends! lol

Originally Posted by pinoybmr3 View Post
nice pics
Salamat pinoybmr3! Photography is a hobby i'm trying to pick up!
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