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current draw, damn parasites

I had that problem last summer and for 10 months after. I took a strategic approach to the matter by removing the individual users, then the fuses in the circuit. I had an amp probe, a homemade clip and resister setup that you can find how to build on YouTube. One thing I noticed was when my problem started, my rear view mirror lost its night dimming feature. I was down to my last few fuses and last bit of patience, then I remembered that the mirror and the rain sense device is located together. So I removed the mirror assembly, inspected and reinstalled. I reseated the mirror and the dimming feature returned and my current draw disappeared, so far not to return, but I'm watching. I know this is a brief synopsis, but I only have a minute to spare. Take it for what its worth, there are alot of know-it-alls, but sometimes doing thing outside the box works. Strange but true. I have faith in your process.

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