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Originally Posted by daimler55 View Post
no the dealer told me thats the reason they cant get the caster to specs...which i understand. what im confused is they are telling me everything else in the front end is in good shape...so i cant figure out whats causing steering wheel play at higher speed and off center steering wheel
Caster affects steering feedback and will affect the steering's tendency to go to the home position. Depending on how far off it is, that can be the cause of the car pulling to one side. The wheel is likely off center because it's being pulled.

That is not the only thing that can cause what you're describing. But if the dealer told you that there's an issue, you need to fix it before you start assuming there are additional unknown issues.

If the strut mount is bent, the tower is probably bent as well. If that's the case, you need to have a body shop put the car up on one of those racks and bend the metal back into place. Then the strut mount needs to be replaced, and I would strongly recommend that you have the reinforcement plates installed.

The shaking you're feeling at speed is most likely a bent wheel or a tire balance issue.

I don't have a clear understanding of what's going on here without more info. But from what info you've given, by advice would be:
-Have a competent shop fix the issue with the strut mount and/or tower and replace whatever parts are needed, along with installing reinforcement plates when they bolt it back together.
-Isolate your shake to the front or rear and take that pair of tires to a competent wheel/tire shop to have them balance the wheels, paying specific attention to the wheels to look for any bends.

That should solve your issues, but the first part will not be a cheap fix.

Originally Posted by j_block View Post
So let me get this straight. They told you your front struts are bent and everything else is good? How bout you replace your struts since they are bent

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Struts can't work if bent. It's the mounts that are bent. Probably from a bad impact, but also very likely from the shocks being worn and therefore not dampening impacts properly.
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