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Going back to school as a old man!?

So im turning 28 in December. I have a business degree and i am an educated freight forwarder, national and international. But it was really never me.

Now im strongly thinking about going back to school to become either a ships officer or a Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering.

It's gonna be about 5 years all together (have to take a speed-course with 4 classes on higher levels than i have from my business degree).

All education in my country is free (only have to pay for books) and you get goverment support during the whole time (like $1,000 a month, that really wont cover anything else than rent maybe). So ill get a part time job, but i can only earn $1,000 a month besides the goverment support. I have a bit more than $20,000 saved up and no debt.

Have any of you guys gone back to school after several years of working in the field!? How did you manage?

Does any of you, work as anything related to the above!?
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