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Originally Posted by Bigo1087 View Post

Daul Core Omap will be wayy Fasst enough. How about an Nvida Tegra 3?

Gotta be capacitive screen.

Gotta Have 4G LTE Broadband support.

Acess to IBUS, so we can see things like the OBC.
The Exynos 4412 Processor is an option, and it's faster than the Tegra 3. But it's expensive.

same thing with a capacitive screen, an option, but expensive. and resistive tech seemed like a better choice for those in cold climates so you can leave gloves on and whatnot.

IBUS communication would be a challenge, do you know of any documentation for it that i can take a look at?

Originally Posted by haurelio View Post
For the price and all the disadvantages (no wheel contro, no iPod, etc) is not worth the price. A tablet or smartphone can do all that..

Don't get me wrong, It's a great idea, but I just don't see the needs for a unit like that.
Wheel control is solvable, i just don't know what kind of protocol it uses for communication. have any documentation for how it communicates or a box that can convert it to a more aftermarket friendly format?

iPod control is extremely unlikely. Getting an Android based system to communicate properly with IOS would be a huge hurdle to overcome. And i already have enough huge problems to overcome (BT Sink, Hands free calling, a FM radio solution strong enough for use in a car, etc)
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