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Originally Posted by blownE30M3 View Post

It's just starting to cool down there. During the summer I agree with you 100%, but fall and winter there is no better place.

See sig.
Oh I've been there in the middle of winter too. It would be one thing if it was a beautiful desert like Moab or Death Valley, but it isn't. The landscape is just ugly. Add to that the totally unsustainable artificial environment created to mask that landscape, then waste our water here up north putting golf courses where they really shouldn't be, and you end up with a place that does absolutely no good for the world. Though my opinion of places is largely shaped from what I see above, so while the setting of your sig looks nice down low, your perspective quickly changes as you go higher up.

I think I'll stay up here where it's naturally lush and green. It's a damn rare ocassion something can convince me to fly south.
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