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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post

Anyone think he'll be back?
yeah i am back
do i care what u think? nope
am i going continue to type out words the way i want, and not the way u want? yup
am i going keep asking questions? yup, i dont care what page the answer is on, this is a thread i started im going write whatever and however i want in it
just because u guys think that e46fanatics should be a a certain way and get upset when a question that has been answered already is asked
it isn't going to make me act different on this forum
so continue to wasting time complaining about it

the thread is called "my xi" not suspension question or can i run 21s on my xi? it simply called "my xi" im posting pictures of "my xi", thinking of way to personalize "my xi" reading what ppl say about "my xi" soo if along the way i ask a question, i will, and if any1 asked a question about my car or my opinion i would do my best to answer it, not complain about them asking a question

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