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from my limited understanding of how the e46 cooling system works, it's TWICE as pressurized as other mfg's cooling systems. it may be why the cooling systems fail and fail so "hard."

if you lower the internal pressure to 1 BAR instead of the 2 BAR OEM level, there won't be as much cooling system "headaches" or expansion tank explosions.

this is not intended to suppliment proper cooling system maintenance. SEE MANGO'S THREAD

this thread is simply an experiement by me and an un-named supplier. i will divulge the supplier when he gives me the go-ahead. at that point, this cap will be available to consumers.

my testing will include live monitoring of coolant temperatures, inspection of cooling system components, removal of cooling system components after sustained mileage, etc.

i hope this will benefit the e46 community as much as i believe it will. this could be a potential huge breakthrough in all the headaches associated with the e36 and e46 cooling systems. stay tuned for more details
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