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Double post for content.

I redid the mod today, and what I did this time was (using the Piezo Siren 273-079 from Radioshack) I soldered a spade connector on the black and red wire of the siren. I also took both of the mating spade connectors that are currently not used, heated up the plastic casing of the connector with the soldering iron, and melted it off - leaving only the metal connector behind. I opened up the now-exposed portion of the currently unused part of the spade connector so I could easily crimp this on the wires on the connector on the car (wow lots of words!) Then behind the connector on the car, I stripped away about a 1/2" of both wires used (respective Hot and Ground connections) and crimped the spade connectors onto those wires. The spade connectors I just crimped were the ones I melted the plastic off. To finish up, I just slipped the spade connectors together and I had a hardwired but REMOVABLE siren that won't fall out in two weeks.

I mounted the siren inside where the connector was. This protects it very well from water. Its a bit quiet this way, but I don't mind. Others may want to add a second 102dB siren 273-079 and mount it in the same fashion. The real advantage of this procedure is you still get a hardwired siren instead of sticking it loosely in a plastic connector, AND you can remove it easily by simply pulling the spade connector apart (well both spade connectors, one on the black wire, one on the red wire).
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