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Question I'm on pins and needles and wondering what my chances are...

So I've finished up interviewing at this company for a corporate controller job (what I do now) yesterday afternoon. I have met everyone that I would ever work with, including the CEO and CFO. Today I got a call from the lead HR recruiter at the company and he tells me that he's gotten great feedback and that they'd like to move forward with the next step of doing a background check and calling on my references (he was the same one who said that they would have a decision by early next week when I left the interview on Tuesday).

I want to be optimistic but a part of me still thinks its 50-50 because I interviewed at company years ago what did a background and reference checks on the top 2 candidates and I didn't get that job. That being said, at the company that I work at I can not make an offer until I have a clear background check and reference check. One of my friend's companies makes offers that are contingent on a clear background and reference check.

So I guess my question is...if a company is doing a background check (I signed an authorization and send it back to them) and calling on my references....what is the likelihood that I get an offer assuming everything checks out??? I really want this job so I'm literally on pin and needles.
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