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Im definitely too scared to use it in bmw. I just put in my crankcase of my chev 350 and now have 0 psi on cyl# 6. Coincidence? Possibly but not likely. I wasnt even driving it hard and only made it about 25 miles before it started smoking and missing bad. Why could it not plug pickup screen? Deposits have to go through screen before filter rite? And the gold color is the start of buildup but i think once engine is too dirty you dont want to break free the big deposits which is prob what happened to my truck and others. Im not saying its a bad idea for sure to put in engine everytime if you know engine is clean to start with but it would also thin your oil a little too? Making higher revs more riskyMaybe running only 5ounces is fine but what does it say on bottle( 1 bottle treats 6 liters.) Not sure what size bottle is but if you cant trust what it says on bottle why trust the rest of their info

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