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Originally Posted by broey v View Post
ugh... just got done completely rebooting my tank.

apparently one of my plecos died a while back. I never saw him, but figured he was just hiding.

a few days ago the water went REALLY muddy. after completely cleaning it out, I found 1 less fish. I guess his body got trapped under some decorations or something, cause he never floated to the top and I didn't find any remains.

bichirs probably ate most of him
this is why you do weekly water tests, and bi weekly 25% water change

it was alot of money and alot of work, but, it was a cool hobby that i learned from scratch, which was the most fun

i may do it again someday, but on a much smaller scale , and no corals, just anemones................i had 2 mated pair of clowns, one in a purple tip seabae and one in a red bubble tip

those really put the corals to shame imo, and so much cheaper

i have pictures on another hard drive i gota retrieve, but i know i'll get nostalgic

life is strange, you can sit around and look at what you have right now, and in a year it could all be gone

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