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I would also check the inside edge of your wheel (from under the car, or while jacked up). It has a lot less support than the outside of the rim and can bend very easily under impact. You may have a flat spot on the inside edge which your tire will also take on that shape and cause a "thud thud thud" noise as that flat spot smacks the ground. Lots of shaking as well. The inside edge of your tire may also be damaged (impact bubble) or leak air from the bead of the tire not sealing against the bent part of the wheel anymore.

Your alignment will be off, there may be damage to your strut tower mount if the impact jarred it hard enough. Control arms and stabilizer arms are pretty hard to damage, even if the edge of the pothole impacted it, it would have to go through the belly pan to do that. Your bushing may have been damaged, but that wouldn't cause that kind of noise, or any noise typically, but you would feel it in your steering wheel. Also your bearings are very hard to damage from an impact, they wear out from fouling, lack of lubrication, and years of use but not from impacts unless its to the face of the hub which would crush the bearing housing which would likely destroy other parts of the vehicle leaving it completely undriveable. I have seen impacts with curbs that caused enough force to sheer the hub from the axle with control arms and stabilizer arms still completely intact and one very cracked wheel. Lots of cracked or shattered wheels, damage to the strut tower mount, but rarely any damage to the arms or hub itself.
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