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Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
I'm just saying... its not about the quality or quantity of the tip, its just the fact that some people refuse to tip well (MINIMUM 15% and thats just for OKAY service,) if at all.

Most pizza delivery guys are paid minimum wage, if that... and gas expense has to be covered by them.

Bartenders also have to work crazy hours, deal with bullshiit drama, stock/clean the bar at the end of the night, and not only that they have to be social uplifters for their patrons. That is deserving of a higher tip than most waiters/delivery people.
Why should I have to pay 15% on top of my bill for "ok" service? Just because some person chooses to work a job where they get screwed by their boss? Yes, waiters/bartenders/whatever have to deal with bullshit in their lives. Welcome to the real world. They have to work odd hours. Again, nobody put a gun to their head and said "work this job". If they don't like it, work somewhere else. Oh, wait, jobs are hard to come by right now. Sounds like they should be thankful that they have a job in the first place, and be bending over backwards to kiss my ass as a customer that pays their meagre salary in the first place.

But don't cry to me when your boss doesn't pay you enough. When I worked in insurance, I never complained to my customers that my boss didn't pay me enough, and to please supplement my income. And I put up with more bullshit on a day to day basis and worked a longer shift than any waitress I've ever met. "Salaried Exempt" means they can work me 14 hours a day with no repercussions and no overtime. Don't cry to me that your boss is screwing you.

If I get outstanding service, I'll tip. 20% is my general max. If the service blows me away by how awesome it is, then I'll consider more.
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