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Originally Posted by LeMansteve View Post
Update: I swapped the front wheels and runflat tires with 2 from a set I have in storage. The tires on that set are fairly new, non-runflat summer tires. They were mounted and balanced on to repaired M68 wheels (bent rim from a pothole), then put directly into storage about 3 months ago.

The vibration between 60-70mph is 90% gone, but I am still getting some intermittent mild vibration at around 70-75mph.

OK.Thanks for the update and i would appreciate what your current position is. I have something similar.

2002 330CI. Mostly highway driving. 179K miles. Not abused.

I started with a vibration at 80mph. (it has been about 1 month since front control arms/bushing change). Due to this, I had the tires balanced. Now the vibrations are at 60MPH BUT it comes and goes! (just like you mentioned in your original post). Car is going back to mechanic to recheck but i am curious about your outcome or anyone else's input.


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