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Originally Posted by someguy_99 View Post
^ someone thinks there the sh*t because they got a better job than a delivery boy. Are they not people im just saying if you got a hundred thousand dollar car sitting on your driveway and you dont tip i personally would A. Feel sad that you cheap ****er that you got that car by pinching every penny and cutting other ppl any way possible (ahem* $1 tips were too much) B. Id just be generally pissed.

You're $2 that you give up arnt going to bankrupt you instead that change you gave up arnt going to some homeless person. Its going to a working person who probably will spend it whether it be on his schooling or just something he wanted to buy car, some electronic or **** it a bottle to go chill
I never said I couldn't afford a tip, I'm just asking why I should feel bad that this guy chose to work this low-paying job, knowing full well what the job was going to be. It's not like he applied under the hope that they were just going to make him a six figure CEO, but instead shafted him with being the delivery boy.

And got it, I've waited tables before. I knew exactly what I was getting in to, and I did work my ass off for every customer that walked through the door. There was no surprise after I started at how little I was getting paid. When I needed a job that paid more, I got another job.

You want to tip? Go ahead. Pay the delivery guy whatever the hell you want to. Tip him 100% of the bill if that'll make you happy, that way you can sleep soundly knowing that he's getting fair compensation for his work.

But again, don't sit here and cry to me about how low the salary is at the job he chose to take. Or about how he spends his own gas money to do it. Again, I'm not going to pay him to change his oil or offset his higher insurance costs, either. He wants more pay? He can go talk to his boss, not his customers.
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