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If you have been following the recent news regarding "shelf registration" = dilution by issuing more shares of stock - hence the price would go down; some expected the stock to get cut in half on this news - I think it is all up from here - I maintain a "buy" position with a $10.00 price target by Feb 14, 2013.

The good news is that there was not a massive sell off despite the fact that more shares will be issued when/if they need cash to fund operations - e.g. the finish line is in site - only another year to go, and soon results of these clinical trials will be made public confirming the equivalency of the new inhaler - I have Valentines day as my price target - that's the price the shares were at when the FDA turned them down in 2011 (shady backstory) - they still need $10 MM/month to operate and when you are nearly out of cash you better have a plan in place to fund operations - or turn out the lights - AL Mann has nearly one billion of his own money invested, so he is not going to let that happen - bet on the horse...
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