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I never said I couldn't afford a tip, I'm just asking why I should feel bad that this guy chose to work this low-paying job, knowing full well what the job was going to be. It's not like he applied under the hope that they were just going to make him a six figure CEO, but instead shafted him with being the delivery boy.

And got it, I've waited tables before. I knew exactly what I was getting in to, and I did work my ass off for every customer that walked through the door. There was no surprise after I started at how little I was getting paid. When I needed a job that paid more, I got another job.
Yes, because the pizza delivery boy had so many well-paying alternatives: gas station attendant, grocery bagger, etc. Sometimes, jobs choose people and not the other way around. Punish them for working as opposed to being on welfare.

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here today, gone tomm

i spend it while i can, if i run out i'll swallow all my meds
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