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Originally Posted by E46325i03 View Post
Tipping has nothing to do with anyone whining about there job its about being nice not tipping is a real dick move I mean don't get me wrong if the pizzas hella late or the service sucks I don't tip but generally I do its just a nice gesture I feel if I'm nice along the way I might get it back morale of the story is don't be a dick be nice

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So do you tip everyone just to be nice? Do you slide the bank teller an extra five when she cashes a check for you? What about the guy at 7-11, do you slide him a few bucks so you have good karma? Why am I a dick if I don't pay extra for pizza but I just pay my total for a cheeseburger?

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Yes, because the pizza delivery boy had so many well-paying alternatives: gas station attendant, grocery bagger, etc. Sometimes, jobs choose people and not the other way around. Punish them for working as opposed to being on welfare.

So now this pizza boy is destined to be a pizza boy, and I should pay him extra because of that? All of those jobs pay minimum wage. Any of them would have provided a better salary with less expense for him. And it's my responsibility to subsidize his poor decision making process?
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