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Originally Posted by Hazey82 View Post
Raj how does the hard body compare with an lsp such as CG Jetjeal 109 or even something like Blackfire Wet diamond sealant? I'm going to assume it will be much longer lasting but what about shine and looks?
I've also recieved a free bottle of Permanon Platinuim - have you heard of it? http://www.permanonusa.com/Platinum.html. All you need to do is spray on a prepped surface and it immediatly bonds and can be washed off. I'm yet to try it out as I corrected the paint on the M3 the other week and applied the jetseal as I want to use it up first before trying anything else.
Aidan, depends what you are looking for. I haven't had a chance to try those products you have mentioned. However, I believe these are the market leaders as they tick more boxes than the products you have mentioned.
I have heard of The BF Wet Diamond having superb gloss levels, but I could not tell you how they compare against these 2.

The Permanon products are hopeless. Have used them before and they do not last. I guess a free bottle is nice though

There are MANY products out there that offer benefits but it comes down to preference.

I will eventually coat the wheels, metal parts and plastics/trim too with 22PLE

We are also testing a couple of new Nanolex Sealants on a new Gallardo with matte paintwork and yet ANOTHER VO 1M soon too

Originally Posted by M3_Aaron View Post
Thats some serious gloss on the clk
Thanks Aaron. It's a C Class Coupe not a CLK though

Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
really like that 1M!! looks great Raj
Cheers mate. Yeah the 1Ms look tough.

Originally Posted by Constantine View Post
Tell me, once you successfully apply one of these products would you also wax or is that now not helpful?
Con, technically, you could. But you probably wouldn't bother with these coatings. However, I have a habit of wet waxing every time I wash the car.

Originally Posted by Gee Emm View Post
Cars look great.

Love those 1M wheels!
Thanks mate. Yeah same as the E9X M3 Competition wheels. They look aggressive!
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