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All the big points have been mentioned already. There are bars for everyone, always something to do, a HUGE beer culture, and sports. Raleigh has been voted the best place for singles to live for a few years running, but I still maintain that it's a dude ranch. There are girls, but they're outnumbered. Wilmington is the place to be for an easy catch.

I know you've said you like living in the city before, and keeping that in mind, I would stay away from Wake Forest; it isn't Raleigh. Keep in mind that while things might look close on a map, it's a different story when you're living there. I have friends in north Raleigh that I rarely see because they're 20 minutes away. You said you like the traffic in Raleigh; try getting on the belt line around 5pm and get back to me. I seriously don't leave my house between 5 and 6 because traffic sucks. Then again, I'm not used to Atlanta traffic so it's probably all relative.

If you're looking at renting/buying a house and not living closer to downtown, prices inside the belt line (I-440 on the map) are going to be more expensive than outside the belt line. Even a half mile can make a big difference in price. It's ridiculous, but a lot of Raleigh natives live and die by ITB & OTB. All the money is ITB and I've heard that the kids at the rich highschool even mock the ones that live OTB during basketball games; it's retarded. You can PM me or anyone else here for more specifics, but I would say if you're wanting to live in Raleigh, there's a ~5 mile radius where you'll want to look. South of campus is cheap housing for students and a lot of families. East of campus can get ghetto real fast. And too far north and you're surrounded by nothing but neighborhoods.

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If you decide on moving down you might want to check out the Cary area as well. There are plenty of nice homes to be had at reasonable prices and you're right in middle of the triangle.
CARY = Corral Area for Relocated Yankees
Seriously, I hear more northern accents there than anywhere south of NYC. And fvck whoever is responsible for their road design. I swear to god every road just does circles around the city. The cops there blow too because they have nothing to do.

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