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Originally Posted by JTLaz View Post
I didn't realize background checks and references were still used at that level.

I wouldn't worry about it. The background check shouldn't even be a thought. What kind of references did you provide?
yep, they would rely on what comes back even more so at this level. The higher the income the more they'll look into your background. The law actually allows the employer more leeway on what they can use in their decision to not hire you when the proposed salary is above a certain level. I think its 80 or 90k.

Martin I know how you feel. I recently moved over from residential to commercial lending as a VP portfolio analyst and was on pins and needles every step of the process which was not a short one. All signs point to you getting the job though if everything checks out. Most wouldn't go through all that trouble unless they had the intention of moving forward. As far as the offer, all companies work differently. I got the offer letter overnighted to me the same day they started the background checking process. My wife that just moved on to a better opportunity as well got her letter after the process.

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