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This is America. Not Europe. Waiters dont get paid hourly nor are entitled to overtime or benefits. If you cant tip, service yourself. Simple as that. When you dine out and you recieve a service, you tip. Servers tip out bussers, bartenders, expo ect based on sales. If you rack a high bill and tip cheap, they are losing more money than earning.

I bet you don't tip the dealer at casinos or strippers.

People like you make me sick, take hospitality 101 and you'll see 20% is the standard for good service. If you want to be a cheap skate because you hate your life/job don't waste a good servers time who could have had a well-paying client in his table for an hour.

Most servers are people paying for their kids or their way through college, They're paying taxes too and you view them as someone on unemployment by choice. Pathetic. What goes around comes around.

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