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Originally Posted by redtoesblue View Post
Agreed, but some of the stuff I said, I said "I don't know" to, partly because I have no clue what they are. She said she wanted kids baptized, I had no clue what that was until she explained it to me. So there needed to be a component of education to help me understand. That didn't happen to a lot of these things.

I have been doing some educating in terms of my faith to dispel any false notions that she or others had. It's hard, Islam has a bad rep out there due to these idiots.
Well, I guess you'll see how things go when you meet. I doubt it's a matter of education, however. If she's like the Catholics I know, she believes that you're either Catholic or you're going to hell. That's a pretty heavy burden to lay on someone who's contemplating having kids with someone of another faith and then letting her partner expose those kids to a non-Catholic religion. So while you're thinking "we can work out these differences," she may be thinking "I can't allow myself to have kids in this relationship if I might wind up being partly responsible for their damnation."
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