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Bingo. They chose a low paying job. Not my problem.

Why would I tip my dealer? Did he somehow provide me a service by dealing me blackjack? Was that his excellent service?

And no thank you, I'm not going to take hospitality 101. I didn't get a college degree to be a waiter.

I worked customer service for five years and didn't get tipped once, again, because I was in an industry that society doesn't deem tip-worthy because my company paid a decent wage. Not nearly enough for the bullshit I put up with, but again, you didn't see me asking customers to supplement me.

You want to get paid more? Ask your boss. Not me.

You want to tip everybody around you that fulfills the obligations inherent in their job descriptions? By all means, tip them whatever you want.

But I'm not going to sit here and feel bad just because your boss doesn't pay you a living wage.
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