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Originally Posted by VaderDave View Post
Well, I guess you'll see how things go when you meet. I doubt it's a matter of education, however. If she's like the Catholics I know, she believes that you're either Catholic or you're going to hell. That's a pretty heavy burden to lay on someone who's contemplating having kids with someone of another faith and then letting her partner expose those kids to a non-Catholic religion. So while you're thinking "we can work out these differences," she may be thinking "I can't allow myself to have kids in this relationship if I might wind up being partly responsible for their damnation."
Crap, didn't know it was like that with Catholics, she seems so chill and doesn't even really go to church that often. She did mention something about original sin, not sure what that is. But is that a radical concept? I mean, do people who believe that are typically more religious?
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