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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
All the big points have been mentioned already. There are bars for everyone, always something to do, a HUGE beer culture, and sports. Raleigh has been voted the best place for singles to live for a few years running, but I still maintain that it's a dude ranch. There are girls, but they're outnumbered. Wilmington is the place to be for an easy catch.

I know you've said you like living in the city before, and keeping that in mind, I would stay away from Wake Forest; it isn't Raleigh. Keep in mind that while things might look close on a map, it's a different story when you're living there. I have friends in north Raleigh that I rarely see because they're 20 minutes away. You said you like the traffic in Raleigh; try getting on the belt line around 5pm and get back to me. I seriously don't leave my house between 5 and 6 because traffic sucks. Then again, I'm not used to Atlanta traffic so it's probably all relative.

If you're looking at renting/buying a house and not living closer to downtown, prices inside the belt line (I-440 on the map) are going to be more expensive than outside the belt line. Even a half mile can make a big difference in price. It's ridiculous, but a lot of Raleigh natives live and die by ITB & OTB. All the money is ITB and I've heard that the kids at the rich highschool even mock the ones that live OTB during basketball games; it's retarded. You can PM me or anyone else here for more specifics, but I would say if you're wanting to live in Raleigh, there's a ~5 mile radius where you'll want to look. South of campus is cheap housing for students and a lot of families. East of campus can get ghetto real fast. And too far north and you're surrounded by nothing but neighborhoods.

CARY = Corral Area for Relocated Yankees
Seriously, I hear more northern accents there than anywhere south of NYC. And fvck whoever is responsible for their road design. I swear to god every road just does circles around the city. The cops there blow too because they have nothing to do.
I was on the beltline coming back from Greensboro around 5:30 last time I was there and it really wasn't THAT bad. ATL traffic is like DC/LA/Chicago/NY etc. It chokes the entire city down and is literally the worst feature of this city. If ATL had roads like Texas it wouldn't be such an issue.

I met a TON of people from Jersey in Raleigh last time I was back, I was drawn back lol.

We have the same here in ATL, ITP/OTP (in the perimeter/outside the perimeter) which is the same. I want a nice neighborhood with good schools and nice houses ITB, does such things exist? Typically when you get outside a loop into the burbs you get cheap housing, good schools, nice houses.

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