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Originally Posted by jdstrickland View Post
No, it does not come standard. It is an aftermarket add-on. It could have been added at the dealership, or at a Lo-Jack dealer, but it was not added at the factory.

If your Lo-Jack subscription is paid up, then if your car is stolen, the Lo-Jack is a GPS tracking device that tells somebody where it is, and that person tells the cops.

The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is a one-time fee and not considered a “subscription.” Also, while GPS systems have their uses, LoJack is Radio Frequency (RF) based and not GPS based. This allows us to track and recover stolen vehicles in remote or enclosed areas such as parking garages, tunnels, wooded areas, or in a container on a ship.

Also, the LoJack activation process works as follows: Owner calls the police to report their vehicle stolen. The police then enter the vehicles VIN into the NCIC computer and that automatically activates the LoJack transponder concealed in the vehicle. Only then are the police are able to track the vehicle and recover it.
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