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Originally Posted by DougL3NC View Post
BINGO! We have a winner!
If you're lucky...but you're assuming it electronically opens and closes the louvers same as your current unit, which I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I had an e36 and like I said, I believe the louver functions were mechanical.

Also that the wiring is the same. I'd be surprised if you can do this with any ease at all.

But, I'm curious now and will search

Why is it you don't want to just use your system 'manually' as you can at the press of a button?

EDIT: I searched realoem for the hvac system for e36 and there is a bowden cable, which 'we' don't have.

That by itself is enough to suggest it probably won't work plug and play...and that it'd probably not end well.

Sorry...don't shoot the messenger. I know you want this bad!
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